Fitness Assistant

Comprehensive diet and fitness software helps you reach your target weight on the target date.


11 Reasons To Use Fitness Assistant

1. Reach your weight goals
Set your weight goals and the software will tell you exactly how much to eat and exercise to reach your target weight on the target date. Works in weight loss, maintenance and weight gain mode (whatever your goals).

2. Flexible Eating
Eat more or less than the program tells you and it will automatically correct the calorie plan for the remainder of the goal period.

3. Smarter No Plateau Dieting
Dumb calorie counters can't detect changes in your metabolism and activity level in response to dieting or stress. Fitness Assistant constantly learns your metabolism and corrects your targets in real-time.

4. Stop Inflating Exercise Calories
Count only the extra calories you burn exercising and subtract the calorie overlap with your usual activities. One more reason for plateaus eliminated.

5. Easily maintain weight loss
Get in the Active Zone where weight regain is highly unlikely. A small amount of daily physical activity protects you from weight regain. It usually takes no more than 200-300 calories per day. No other software lets you take advantage of this little-known scientific research.

6. The most advanced workout software
If you lift weights for strength or size or athleticism, Fitness Assistant will blow your mind. Periodization. Relative weight notation ("80%1RM", "5RM", "60%1RM+10"). Circuits. Density and Interval Workouts. Tempo. Time Under Tension, Volume, Intensity and a lot more... Fitness Assistant can track it all.

7. Unlimited Data
Track unlimited amount of people. Add unlimited amount of foods, recipes, workouts, templates, activities...

8. Non-restrictive license
Install and use the program on as many computers and portable drives (usb flash etc.) as you and your household need.

9. Get Portable
Carry all of your data in your pocket on a usb stick/flash drive. Plug it on any Windows PC/Laptop and run the special Fitness Assistant Portable Edition directly from the flash drive.

10. Data Privacy and Offline Work
All your data is kept private on your computer/laptop or flash drive. There's no need to have an internet connection.

11. One-time No-Risk Payment
It is a one-time payment and you get free upgrades and email support directly from the developer. Try before you buy + 120 days unconditional money back guarantee.

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