Hi. I'm Hristo Hristov and I own and operate X3M Consulting.
I am a software developer and SEO consultant located in Sofia, Bulgaria.



HEADMasterSEO is a freemium URL checker tool. It allows you to check the response headers of huge lists of URLs. Get HTTP status code, redirects (chains, loops), response time and SEO HTTP header fields (X-Robots-Tag, Link, Vary).

SEO Consulting

I'm available for SEO consulting.
Specialties: Technical SEO, Website Migrations, Traffic Drops / Penalties.
I also do onsite SEO Training for companies located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact Me

Email: hristo at this domain
Company: X3M Consulting Ltd
Address: Bulgaria, Mladost 1, bl.49A, vh.2, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria