Fitness Assistant

Calorie counter, diet software and workout tracker
Calculates your daily calorie targets. No guesswork.
Learns your metabolism. Adjusts your calorie plan in real time.
Works in weight loss and weight gain mode (whatever your goals).

Reach your weight goals
Set your weight goals and the software will tell you exactly how much to eat and exercise to reach your target weight on the target date.
Flexible Eating
Eat more or less than the program tells you and it will automatically correct the calorie plan for the remainder of the goal period.

Smarter No Plateau Dieting
Dumb calorie counters can't detect changes in your metabolism and activity level in response to dieting. Fitness Assistant can and will adjust the calorie targets.
Stop Overreporting Exercise Calories
Count only the extra calories you burn exercising and subtract the calorie overlap with your usual activities.

Easily maintain weight loss

Get in the Active Zone where weight regain is highly unlikely. A certain small amount of daily physical activity can not only burn more calories but curb your apetite. It usually takes no more than 200-300 calories per day. No other software lets you take advantage of this little-known scientific research.


Use your preferred units of measurement. Fitness Assistant can use pounds, kilograms, inches, centimeters, grams, oz, kilometers, miles (and in the next version 4.0 we'll also add support for kilojoules).

Track protein, fat, carb, fiber and alcohol intake. Optionally, perform nutritional analysis by tracking total sugars, calcium, potassium, sodium, saturated fats and cholesterol intake. Set macronutrient goals and track macronutrient percentages.

Track all aspects of your metabolism - calories eaten, thermic effect of food (TEF), resting metabolic rate (RMR), daily activities, exercise, calorie output, daily calorie balance and target daily calorie balance based on your weight goals.

Enjoy a large pre-built database of 9000 foods, 600 activities and 300 exercises. Add an unlimited amount of foods, recipes, exercises, activites and workout templates to the program.

Create and reuse unlimited workout templates and menu plans. Organize your goals into phases (weight loss, bulking, cutting..) and quickly pull out reports and graphs of what happened during each goal period. Print workout templates and bring them with you to the gym.

Organize your training and nutrition into phases. Watch, graph and track your recovery

Workout Tracking As it Should Be
Track weights, sets, reps, rest intervals, absolute and relative intensity, volume, density, tempo, time under tension
Track cardio/running - distance, time and pace
Log circuit workouts, density workouts, interval workouts.
Use the relative weight notation: "80%1RM", "5RM", "60%1RM+10"
Build periodized workout routines in templates using the relative weight notation ("5x5x80%1RM")
Track your 1RM, 2RM.. maxes. Automatically calculate the weights, using your maxes for the workout date.

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