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The main screen including the calendar and all information panels (calories, nutrition, goals, activity zones)

Gain Weight Mode
Tell Fitness Assistant how much weight you want to gain by your goal date, and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat every day. And if you are one of those hard-gainers or set-point-weight guys, the program will figure it out and up your calorie targets considerably.

Track Bodybuilding Workouts
No other software program can come close to what Fitness Assistant can track about your training: weights, sets, reps, rest intervals, absolute and relative intensity, volume, density, tempo, time under tension. Fitness Assistant can log any type of workout you can do - circuits, density workouts, periodized routines, supersets, trisets, intervals, cardio, HIIT.

Get Organized
Organize your goals into phases (bulking, cutting..). Quickly pull graphs, charts and reports about what happened in each phase.

Built-In Calculators
Calculate strength over rep ranges, body fat % using calliper readings and compare different weights and body compositions.

Powerful Workout Templates and Periodization
Create reusable workout templates for whole training cycles. Use the relative weight notation ("5x5x80%1RM"). Track your 1RM, 2RM.. maxes. Auto calculate the weights, using your maxes for the workout date. Plug your periodized workout template into your training using your current maxes. Round the weights as needed.

Work with familiar units of measurement
Fitness Assistant works with pounds, kilograms, kilometers, miles, oz, grams, calories, kilojoules - whatever you are familiar with.

11 More Reasons To Use Fitness Assistant
Here are 11 more reasons to use Fitness Assistant.

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more information
Interested in dieting for fat loss or weight gain? Here's more information about how Fitness Assistant performs as diet software.

Need more information on the workout tracking features? Here's how comprehensive Fitness Assistant is as a workout software.

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