Fitness Assistant

Bodybuilding software that's powerful and easy to use
for Windows

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Why Fitness Assistant?
  • Keep a detailed workout log. Track weight lifting and cardio.
  • Log, print and graph your stats - weight, body fat%, measurements and strength records.
  • Create and reuse unlimited workout templates and menu plans.
  • Track diet and nutrients. Set macronutrient goals and track macronutrient percentages.
  • Log and track supplements.
  • Use the comprehensive pre-built exercise database and add unlimited exercises of your own.
  • Organize your goals into phases (bulking, cutting..) and quickly pull out reports and graphs of what happened during each goal period.
  • Print workout templates and bring them with you to the gym.
  • Import/Export whole training cycles and share them with other Fitness Assistant users.
  • Use your preferred units of measurement - pounds, kilograms, grams, oz, kilometers, miles.
  • Calculate strength over rep ranges, body fat % using caliper readings and compare different weights and body compositions.
  • Customize the program completely - add an unlimited amount of foods, menus, recipes, exercises, activites and workout templates.
Download Fitness Assistant
  • Download Fitness Assistant. Download our excellent bodybuilding tool. Tell Fitness Assistant about you and your goals and start working towards them in 2 minutes.