Fitness Assistant

Powerful fitness tracking software for personal trainers
for Windows

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Why Fitness Assistant?
  • Create workout templates, print and distribute them to your clients (or send the workouts as files, if you do online consultations).
  • Make quick calorie estimations using the built in calorie calculators. Calculate your clients' calorie expenditure of over 600 activities.
  • Keep a record of your clients' maximal lifts, training and diet.
  • Completely customize the food, activity and training databases. Add unlimited exercises and foods.
  • Create meal plans and distribute them to the people you consult.
  • Work in pounds or kilograms (whatever your preference).
  • Enjoy the most complete and powerful training log that can record any kind of training you might use with your clients including circuits, density training, interval training, tempo and percentage based training etc.
  • Backup and restore all your clients' data with a few mouse clicks.
  • Track unlimited number of clients. Fitness Assistant allows you to create unlimited user accounts. You can track all your clients' progress, diet, training and bodyweight.
  • Free upgrades for life. You will get all future Fitness Assistant upgrades for free.
  • Take all your clients' data wherever you go with the Fitness Assistant Portable Edition.
Download Fitness Assistant