Fitness Assistant

Workout software that's powerful and easy to use
for Windows

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Why Fitness Assistant?
  • Track every weightlifting variable - weights, sets, reps, rest intervals, absolute and relative intensity, volume, density, tempo, time under tension
  • Track cardio/running - distance, time and pace
  • Log circuit workouts, density workouts, interval workouts.
  • Use the relative weight notation: "80%1RM", "5RM", "60%1RM+10"
  • Unlimited user accounts - for all family members and your clients (great for personal trainers).
  • Build periodized workout routines in templates using the relative weight notation ("5x5x80%1RM")
  • Track your 1RM, 2RM.. maxes. Automatically calculate the weights, using your maxes for the workout date.
  • Plug your periodized workout template into your training schedule using your current maxes. Round the weights as needed.
  • Import/Export whole training cycles. Distribute your programs to clients and friends.
  • Organize your training and nutrition into phases
  • Watch, graph and track your recovery
  • Enjoy a large pre-built database of 9000 foods, 600 activities and 300 exercises.
  • Add an unlimited amount of foods, recipes, exercises, activites and workout templates to the program.
  • Use a smart calorie targeting system that works in both weight loss and weight gain mode.
Download Fitness Assistant